NOA Guest House

NOA Guest House provides a serene setting for guests to enjoy the many splendours of the beautiful Kingdom.

Each guest will be treated with the kind of attention that is reserved for family. When our guests arrive we want them to leave their troubles at the door and step into their Tongan Home, their Tongan Family.

Facilities include two open kitchens with dining rooms available for guests. Cheap vouchers for WiFi are also available. Free fresh coconuts and bananas daily.

Only a three minutes walk from town.

Room Rates per night (TOP)

Single -$60


En suite $125


King room $120

Airport $40


Car and van $40-$100

Visa, MasterCard & American Express Card is accepted.

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Company: NOA Guest House
Phone: +676 21 810 Mobile: +676 8431300
Address: Wellington Road, Kolomotu’a, Nuku’alofa
Island(s): Tongatapu