The Hideaway Restaurant

The Hideaway Restaurant is open for all visitors to ‘Eua island. The restaurant is located on the oceans edge where you can enjoy the fire coloured sunsets slowly disappearing into the Pacific ocean while having a cold drink before dinner.

The food is a good mixture of local and western food. A great way to experience local Tongan food. We also have a local Tongan string band that plays local Tongan melodies during dinner, this creates a beautiful Tongan island atmosphere.

We also organise a local Tongan floor show which displays our local traditional Tongan dancing also whilst having dinner. To wash down the beautiful food, there is a quiet bar with local fresh chilled coconuts picked by the local children and local and imported beers, soft drinks and different fresh fruit juices and bottled wines.

We also organise traditional Tongan underground oven cooking called an ‘umu. Spit roast pig is also included. This type of Tongan Traditional cooking is a very authentic Tongan experience and a great insight into Tongan culture. You not only experience the eating of the ‘umu but you get to participate in preparing the ‘umu. From going to the plantations and collecting the food, to picking the taro leaves, pulling up the the casava and taro root crops, collecting coconuts, paw paw fruit, bananas and roasting the fresh pig, to digging the hole in the ground for the ‘umu. An authentic Tongan experience at it’s best!

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The Hideaway 6

Company: The Hideaway Restaurant
Phone: +676 50255 Fax: +676 50128 Mobile: +676 7755753
Address: Tufuvai Village, Western Coast of 'Eua
Island(s): 'Eua