Endangered Encounters

A large aquatic mammal, for example, a whale or a dolphin, that has a streamlined body with forelimbs modified as flippers, no hind limbs, and a blowhole on the back. Order: Cetacea

It is a surreal paradox in nature that the largest of mammals are the gentlest and most approachable in the animal kingdom.  There comes a calmness as you approach them that transcends explanation.  Their song reverberates through your body and it is as though your heartbeat wants to slow to its rhythms.  They are keenly aware of our presence and yet gently move around us as if to know how fragile we are to them.  Few words can describe the way a swim with these majestic creatures can change human perspective on our own existence.

Come with us as we show you how to experience the beauty and magic that has left so many with a new perception both inward and outward.


Company: Endangered Encounters
Phone: +676 751 2991, +676 843 1942
Email: info@endangeredencounters.com
Website: http://www.endangeredencounters.com/
Address: Ministry of Fisheries work shed. PO Box 144 Neiafu, Vava'u
Island(s): Vava'u
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